The cosmos doesn't evaluate sweat and hours for reward. The cosmos deals in the currency of emotion. More specifically joy. When we feel good, goodness naturally flows. We need to re-learn how to move toward our dreams and deepest desires – with trust, well placed devotion and aligned intentions.

You don't want to just make a living.
You want to make a life.


I help creative folks build a life and business that generate true wealth and freedom on their own terms. And have oodles of fun doing it.

Having built 7-figure businesses myself, and after suffering a massive meltdown in New York City in 2012, I've made it my calling to help burnouts create healthier businesses and find true freedom.

"Successful" people who feel empty on the inside - they are a real thing. That's because we've been taught that when we get the money, fancy title, swanky house, fast car, perfect partner and instagram-worthy life, we'd be happy.

Somewhere, people got their priorities wrong. We cannot be happy living simply to gratify our physical and materialistic desires. Our inborn potential as humans dictates that we do more, that we utilise our full capacities.

What we need is not a tensionless state but rather the striving and struggling for a worthy goal. Establishing boundaries and letting freedom take centrestage doesn't mean you have to compromise on your financial goals. When you upgrade the faucets of life, abundance will flow with joy and ease.

When you align with your truest desires, rather than do things the way the world tells you to do, you create success and happiness with so much more ease - and it's more enjoyable because it's the way your soul actually craves doing life. When you get paid to do what you love and are uniquely coded to do, you wake up feeling like you've struck lottery. Every. Single. Day.

our expertise:

We help badass female creative entreprenuers uncover their purpose and find their passion.

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because I know what you can accomplish when you discover what's *possible* 

This is why I've been helping good people redefine success, understand the importance of self-care, and build businesses which are aligned with their values and purpose.

The #1 thing that has helped me grow in business and in life has been mentorship and coaching. Investing in oneself is THE DIFFERENCE that separates the winners from a sea of mediocrity.

I'm Dan. And I would love to help you create a business and life you love.

bandaid fixes, pity parties, hacks, slimy tactics, the word "failure", that hustle game, telling you it's not going to feel like đź’©.

what you won't:

what you'll get from me:

Straight talk,
actual strategy, tough love,
fluff-free killer frameworks, F-bombs, joyful pursuit, laser clarity, unwavering love & belief, your superpower.

I have since made back the investment for coaching with Dan through my business, tripled my income, and most importantly, found the peace that I have been seeking.


There was something magical about Dan that one coaching call would leave me electrified for months.


To say the coaching calls with Dan is life-changing is such an utter UNDERSTATEMENT. 

WINIFRED LUA, Cake Designer / Winifred Kristé Cake

I don’t even know where to start describing the amount of meaningful impact Dan’s coaching has brought to my life because it has been transformational in so many ways!


My career is built off the back of 2 one-hour calls with Dan and has made me about $200k.



"We have two lives, and the second begins when we realise we have only one."

No matter what stage of your life or business is at, I'd love to work with you. Your time with me with be tailored for your specific needs (there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, every situation is unique) and can cover a range of topics. But the focus is always to return to who you truly are, and what will truly work for you.

  • Deciding if you should quit your job (and how to transition from your day job)
  • Figuring what the heck it is that you want in life (YASSS to clarity + purpose)
  • Unleashing your untapped, hidden potential
  • Finding the personal power to leave your current situation (fyi: suffering is optional)
  • How to move past your fears
  • How to live a life that you don't need to escape from
  • How to make a living doing what you love
  • Picking the right business idea for you (especially if you're multi-passionate)
  • Refining your business idea and testing it in the market place 
  • Creating a stronger personal brand that is honest and all YOU
  • Effective content creation strategies, timelines and execution 
  • Developing marketing and sales strategies across different platforms 
  • Converting your social media followers into paying clients
  • Goal setting and aligning business with your life
  • Setting up lead generation and non-icky sales funnels
  • How to stand out on Tinder


Matt went from this unfortunate situation to this amazing one after this service I offer.

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Ready to be what you want, all that you are?

There are 3 ways to "work" with me – catering to your level of commitment and each offering a different level of access to me. Check in with your body and see which resonates the best for right now.

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Hire me to speak. If you’re looking to get me to keynote your event, inspire your team, deliver a life-changing talk or mini-workshop - let's team up! Get in touch with your event information and dates and let's see if we are a mutually great fit.

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